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Folder Add-Ons (3)
Additional Services or Products That Can Be Added to An Existing Plan
Folder Before I Sign Up - The FAQ's (20)
The Most Common Questions Asked Before Someone Registers With Us!
Folder CloudFlare (9)
Folder Contact Us (1)
The different methods for contacting us
Folder Domains & DNS (13)
Folder E-mail Accounts (8)
All things emails - setting up accounts and linking accounts to the most popular OS's
Folder FTP (4)
Folder Legal Stuff (2)
Copyright Infringement & Addresses To Serve Papers
Folder PHP (2)
Folder Servers (16)
Folder SSH & Shell (3)
Folder Technical Fixes & Error Messages (10)
Any fixes we have for common errors or known error messages which we can solve or are working on!
Folder Website Migrations (1)
All the information you require and all the info we need too!
Folder Your Account (15)
Issues With Passwords, IP Addresses, Suspended Accounts, Cancellations & Backups

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Article Wordpress - Conflict between WordPress and Password Protected Directories
There is a common conflict between WordPress and password protected directories. If you have setup a password protected sub-directory on your...
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Article Creating a phpinfo file
PHPinfo is a function that returns information about the PHP environment on your server. This can be useful to check your PHP settings and version....
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Article vBulletin -Style Saving - Suhosin Restriction
If you are running vBulletin Board and you are editing your styles as an example, you may run into this problem: Required variables have gone...
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Article Commonly Used SSH Commands
A few commands to help out on the command line / SSH login ls Displays everything in the current directoryls -a Displays all files, including...
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Article Passwords - Changing Them
We always recommend keeping your password up to date so here is the most common areas and how to reset the passwords:To change your Client Area...
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