Spiral Hosting Nameservers

The nameservers below can be used for all domain names across our hosting network. 

Nameserver 1 - ns1.spiralhosting.com
Nameserver 2 - ns2.spiralhosting.com
Nameserver 3 - ns3.spiralhosting.com

Some resellers utilise their own and others utilise our white-label IP addresses (nameservers with no branding), so if you are a reseller please ask our support team.

To update the DNS nameservers on a domain name registered with Spiral Hosting, first login to your client area, then go to the Domains page, find the domain name in the list, click on 'Manage Domain', then look for the nameservers option.

Why we advise against using third party DNS nameservers.

Some domain providers and IT consultants will prefer you to use their nameservers, what we call a "third party" service.

We are an authorized cPanel partner and we're proud to offer the leading hosting control panel, which is incredibly feature-rich. The cPanel control panel we use creates and maintains lots of DNS records for the hosting related services: cPanel, ftp, email, webmail and webdisk. There are also records for SPF/DKIM email deliverability and AutoSSL, our free SSL coverage. Clients can also enable Cloudflare, and benefit from a security WAF and CDN, while using our nameservers.

When clients use a third party DNS service (for example in cases where an IT person recommends "only pointing the A record"), we receive more technical requests regarding problems with email delivery, SSL coverage and other issues. These issues would be solved by using our DNS nameservers.

It's your decision at the end of the day, but if your business/organisation has chosen Spiral Hosting to provide you with professional hosting, we'd like you to benefit from our full service. If you use third party DNS nameservers, most of the DNS records will be wrong (unless you want to manually copy them all), and using our own DNS nameservers gives you full control, 24x7 support and redundancy across 3 locations (Dublin, London, Chicago).

What about Wix/SquareSpace DNS nameservers?

What we said above still applies. Even if your website is pointing to another provider, your DNS/email service is best still managed by us (in our humble opinion!).

We strongly recommend Wix clients use the "pointing method" to connect their domain name to Wix using DNS records, and not Wix DNS nameservers.
Details of the pointing method can be found here: